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Curbed Cup 2017 1st round: (2) The Villages vs. (15) Woodbridge

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Agnes Street in West Village
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

The Curbed Cup is our annual award for the neighborhood of the year. We’re starting with 16 neighborhoods (with some close ones combined), and we’ll vote over the next few weeks until we’re down to one. Polls are open for 24 hours. Let the voting commence!

The Villages

The Villages (West Village and Indian Village) came in second in last year’s race to East English Village. Since then, we’ve seen more development along Kercheval and a boom in housing stock over in Islandview, between West Village and Belle Isle. The St. Charles development is converting a school into luxury condos in Islandview as well. The Coe development opened in West Village, adding the first new construction in the neighborhood in years. Soon, we’ll see more restaurants in West Village. Here are a few comments about the neighborhood.

West Village: "With all of the development, walkable restaurants, apartments, and shopping this neighborhood is bouncing back as an awesome place to call home!"

"Indian Village is the most beautiful neighborhood in Detroit in my opinion. All of the houses are stunning and the streets are shaded by towering trees that only allow just the right amount of sunlight to reach the streets below.."


Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

The Woodbridge neighborhood is full of some of the most interesting old houses in the city (if you love turrets, it’s the place to go). Its residents are a mix of home owners, renters, and students. Woodbridge is close in proximity to Wayne State (you can even hear some of the football games and bands), Midtown, and downtown. For public art enthusiasts, the Grand River Creative Corridor has a wide variety of public art. Earlier this year, we toured a massive home that had been vacant for 40 years, and has been renovated into apartments. Soon, more single-family housing could be coming to the main stretch of Trumbull. It’s one of the more eclectic neighborhoods in the city.