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Curbed Cup lightning round: (3) University District vs. (14) Grandmont Rosedale

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University District
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

The Curbed Cup is our annual award for the neighborhood of the year. We’re starting with 16 neighborhoods (with some close ones combined), and we’ll vote over the next few weeks until we’re down to one. Polls are open for 24 two hours. Let the voting commence!

In our first round of voting for the Curbed Cup, we ended up with a tie between University District and Grandmont Rosedale. Some have suggested a snowball fight (even though the snow is not good packing snow right now), or a dance off. We’ll settle this fair and square with a lightning round.

Not sure which one to choose? Find out more about both here. Feel free to talk up your neighborhood in the comments below.

Polls will be open for two hours and end at noon Friday. Which neighborhood should advance to the Elite Eight? Vote now!