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University District renovation nears its finish line

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Before and after photos galore!

The original side light has been restored.
Between 6 and 7

Earlier this year, we checked in on a young couple who is meticulously renovating, as well as meticulously documenting, their restoration of a 1927 home in the University District. The restoration is almost complete and when it is, we’ll bring you photos of the new space. Until then, we have some updates. As with most renovations, this one has taken much longer than expected and it’s also cost more than expected.

Since we last saw the renovation, much has taken place, including drywall, a new kitchen with custom cabinets, new flooring, and disappearing painters.

The couple has shared some before and after photos with us to show some of the progress before the big reveal.

The kitchen after it was gutted, then after new cabinet and lighting installation.
A closer look at the new kitchen.
A wall was opened up and an archway added to connect the dining room and the library.
An archway was added and a door taken out to open up the space.
Curved ceilings in the breakfast nook were rebuilt.
A chandelier was added to match the time period of the house.
The master bath

The renovation process has taken just over a year, and they plan to move in completely by the end of the month. The heat was turned on in November, and they hooked up the 1920s radiant heat system to a smart thermostat that can do everything from changing the temperature, to adjusting the lights in nearly every room of the house, to locking the back door, to finding lost keys. Some small details still need to be finished, including painting and adding furniture. We’ll be back with more photos when the renovation is complete.

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