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Survey: Detroit really, really wants Amazon HQ2

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More than all the rest

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Amazon narrowing down its list of candidates for a proposed second headquarters. According to a new survey from CNBC, Detroit really wants the mega-company to choose us.

The quarterly survey of small businesses and residents of metro areas asked participants if the company moving in would be a good thing for the region and if they wanted to work for them. According to the survey, 77 percent of respondents in or around Detroit thought Amazon moving in would be a good thing, and 28 percent wanted to work for them.

Are you listening, Amazon?

One of the least enthusiastic cities in the survey was Denver, which is thought to be a front-runner.

Considering what Amazon was looking for in a region, Detroit is not thought to be a strong contender (a lack of strong regional transit doesn’t help our chances). But it is thought of as a dark horse, as a large company would make a significant impact on the region. Our availability of land for building and our international bid with Canada could make the Detroit metro region an appealing option.

When we asked readers about Detroit’s bid and chances, we received a range of comments from enthusiastic to not hopeful to “Amazon ruined the culture of Seattle.”

You can see more of the survey here.