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Ride to the airport for $2.00 on new SMART bus service

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Try it for free January 1-15

A black bus with all-caps “FAST” written on the side.
The new FAST buses with bright colors on the side.
Courtesy of SMART

New FAST service is starting through SMART in the new year, and they’re offering an easy way to try it out.

From January 1-15, the FAST rides down Woodward, Gratiot, and Michigan will be free.

After that, a ride to the airport—which will take just over an hour from downtown to the terminals—will cost $2.00 each way. If you’re coming from a DDOT bus, transfers are 25 cents.

And, the buses have wifi.

The new FAST (Frequent Affordable Safe Transit) services offer limited stops (about a mile apart) at a greater frequency. For example, the service from downtown to the McNamara Terminal runs every half hour (at least) on weekdays, and closer to an hour apart on Saturdays and Sundays. The Michigan FAST route also connects to the Dearborn Transit Center. New signs will be going up shortly at designated FAST stops. New shelters will be coming in 2018.

FAST Michigan route

In addition to the Michigan route, SMART will offer two more FAST services. FAST Woodward covers the corridor from Pontiac and Troy, connecting to four hospitals, the Zoo, the museum district, the sports arenas, and downtown Detroit. FAST Gratiot runs from from 23 Mile to Mt. Clemens, Macomb Mall, Eastern Market, and downtown.

FAST Gratiot route
FAST Woodward route

They’ve also put together a handy map of all the public transit options downtown. Might be a good idea to try a few out before the Auto Show.


Service schedules can be accessed here. Customer service reps will be available during business hours to answer questions at (866) 962-5515.