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Curbed Cup 2017: Nominate Detroit’s neighborhood of the year

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Voting starts next week

Corktown Neighborhood
Will Corktown make it past the first round this year?
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

It’s time once again to determine which Detroit neighborhood should be deemed the Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year.

Last year, the dark horse East English Village rallied past Corktown, Sherwood Forest, the University District, and the Villages to win the “coveted” Curbed Cup. They even made a trophy!

Which neighborhoods should be included this year? We have some ideas, but we want to hear your nominations. We may even use your recommendation in our neighborhood descriptions. Please comment below or on Facebook, or drop us a note on the tip line.

What makes a great neighborhood? The houses, the walkability, the energy, the schools, the parks, and likely most of all, the people. It’s different for everyone, but we want to hear why your neighborhood should be considered this year.

We’ll start with 16 neighborhoods next week in a bracket-style voting competition. Monday through Thursday, we’ll see two sets of two neighborhoods face off. The following week, we’ll be down to eight, and so on. And yes, we’re making sure voting is legit and fair.

Remember, this is all in good fun. No need to badmouth any other neighborhoods.

Which neighborhood will rally this year? Which neighborhood deserves to be acknowledged as the best? Let us know below, and may the best neighborhood win.