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Milwaukee Junction brick building with winding staircase asks $560K

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Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Update: The building sold at the tax auction in 2014 for $131,000. Thanks to a reader for alerting us.

What would you do with a 14,000-square-foot building in need of a lot of work right in the middle of Detroit? This listing in Milwaukee Junction is loaded with possibilities and years of damage. But could it become a great office, event space, or a new home for a small business or manufacturer? It’s listing for $560,000.

The two-story brick building is located on East Milwaukee, between Russell and East Grand Boulevard. It’s been a highly industrial area in the past, and nearby you’ll find lofts, art galleries, and yes, the incinerator. It’s an area that many think will continue to pick up, as more buildings are reused for different purposes. This one has wide open rooms, some offices, lots of character, and that staircase. It’ll take a lot of work to bring it back. Take a look and tell us what you might do with this building. It’s listing through O’Connor Real Estate.