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Renovate this wallpapered University District home, yours for $250K

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So many prints

Photos by Stylish Detroit

If someone’s looking to move into the University District and truly make a house their own, this might be the house for them. We imagine there were a lot of memories made in this house, and it could be a great house for a family. It has a low buy-in price for the neighborhood, and many projects to keep the new owner busy for a while, unless they really love wallpaper. The price? $250,000.

What are we working with? The house is 2,732 square feet with four bedrooms, two and a half (wild) baths, hardwood floors, a wood-paneled den, and leaded glass windows. Did we mention the bathrooms?

There’s just so much going on in here. We imagine some would want to keep them, or at least one, completely vintage (at least for a while). Out back, you’ll find a two-car garage and a yard. The house is located on the northern end of the University District, close to the intersection of Seven Mile and Livernois. It’s listed through Austin Black II at City Living Detroit.