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True North wins top residential design award

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Quonset huts FTW

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

One development that’s garnered a lot of attention, both in the city and worldwide, is True North, the community of Quonset huts off of Grand River. They officially opened to residents this spring, and the unique community has now won another notable architecture award.

The design was led by architects Edwin Chan/EC3 from Los Angeles and developer Philip Kafka and Prince Concepts. The development received the top award in Residential, Multi-Unit design in The Architect’s Newspaper, with the honorable mention going to SHoP Architects and the American Copper Buildings in New York City.

Seven of the huts are rented out to residents, while the three-story hut is used for events and another serves as an Airbnb. The community has been landscaped and is often noted for its inspirational feel and design.

Curbed’s video team toured the community and spoke to some of the residents this summer. While Quonset huts aren’t new to Detroit, the shapes and designs at True North create a warm, modern community where there was once just empty land.