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Watch: Detroit’s foreclosure crisis highlighted by Vice News Tonight

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Wayne County’s tax foreclosure crisis takes center stage in a new report from HBO’s Vice News Tonight. Many residents lose their homes every year in the tax auction due to a variety of complicated circumstances. Efforts have been made in recent years to increase outreach to residents and offer payment plans in order to stay in their homes. Still, the problems are enormous and not everyone can be reached in time.

Earlier this year, 6,000 homes in Detroit went up for sale in the tax foreclosure auction.

Reporter Antonia Hylton talks to a variety of people involved with the tax foreclosure auctions, including a group of investors who acquired 310 homes in this year’s tax auction; a family whose home was acquired in the auction; Jerry Paffendorf of Loveland Technologies; and Michelle Oberholtzer of the United Community Housing Coalition, a group that works to keep families in their homes.

Mayor Mike Duggan and County Treasurer Eric Sabree refused to be interviewed for the segment, although Duggan released a statement about the city’s efforts in appraisals. Watch the video below to see the full report.