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Detroit Grooming Company sets up shop in Corktown

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The barber shop will open soon on Michigan Ave.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Last May, we featured some of the renovations happening at the notable fuchsia storefront at 2000 Michigan Avenue. When we featured it, the entire front part of the building was off and the inside looked like a disaster. Now, it’s cleaned up and instead of multiple tenants, Detroit Grooming Company will occupy the entire space. We caught up with General Manager Chad Buchanan as the space was coming together.

Buchanan tells Curbed that they had been in construction since October in the main space, and while other tenants had planned, then cancelled plans to set up in the building, they decided to go bigger. Detroit Grooming Company, which opened its first location in Ferndale last April, launched a product line in 2013 with a number of grooming products, which it will sell in the store. This space gives the company the opportunity to expand, while staying true to its vibe.

Buchanan’s wife Jami designed the space, which is filled with barbershop antiques. From the chairs to the pole to old clocks, they scoured their resources to find unique items to fill the shop. When they open soon, a barber shop pole will be on the corner of the building out front.

The corner of Michigan and Vermont will be the main entrance, with stations set up in the space next to it. The stations have marble counter tops, ornate framing, vintage lighting, and barber chairs from the 20s and 30s. Upstairs, Buchanan hopes to add another 6-7 stations above (at a later time). In the upstairs space facing downtown, with spectacular views, he’s hopeful for a possible coffee shop.

In the back, there’s a small courtyard with a deck that Buchanan would like to activate. Behind the building are townhouses that the developer Scot Turnbull is renovating. They’ll go up for sale this spring (hopefully) and we’ll post renderings as soon as we have them.

As for the renovation of the front building, Turnbull said that the building had no roof for several winters and ice had caused the walls to move and fail. The degree of failure was beyond repair. But after decades of being empty, now the space will be active again. Expect the Detroit Grooming Company to open in the next month or so.