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The Curbed Cup is very real and resides in East English Village

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

At the beginning of the year, the Curbed Cup, in a close contest, was awarded to the East English Village neighborhood. The east side neighborhood rallied its residents and more to win the coveted, and fake, trophy awarded to the best neighborhood of the year. But why should it be fake? At a recent monthly neighborhood meeting (which regularly draws 100+ residents), they unveiled the actual Curbed Cup, engraved for 2016.

The neighborhood, which was seeded 15th in the bracket, beat out Corktown, Sherwood Forest, University District, and finally the Villages to win the coveted, and now real trophy. The write up in their monthly newsletter claims, “We proved to the entire city that a great neighborhood consists of the people, not the trendy restaurants, bars, and shopping districts.”

The neighborhood history goes back to ribbon farms in the 1800s, then a subdivision known as Grosse Pointe Manor in 1913. Home construction increased starting in 1928 until about 1950. In 1976, the neighborhood organized into Detroit East Area Residents (D.E.A.R.) and became East English Village in 1990 because of the prominence of English-style homes and street names.

Will the Curbed Cup stay in EEV this year? Will we see the actual cup show up in realtor pictures soon? (That’s a yes). Soon after claiming the Curbed Cup, our photographers Michelle and Chris Gerard shot some photos of homes and businesses around the neighborhood, seen below. Want to beat EEV at the end of this year? Start organizing now! They’d like to keep it.