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Photos: Inside the Griswold, Capitol Park’s new apartments

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The views!

Michelle & Chris Gerard

One development we’ve been waiting for is the Griswold, built on top of a parking structure at Michigan and Griswold. Roxbury Group led the development, which has been in the works for nearly a decade. Originally envisioned in 2007 as 80 for-sale condominiums, the collapse of the real estate market put the development on hold. With the resurgence of downtown and Capitol Park, the $24 million development started up again in 2015 and is now complete and ready for tenants.

The apartments are over 50% leased at this point. They’re not cheap, as you can imagine. They run from $1,500 a month to $3,700 a month. The apartments range from 750 to 1,575 square feet.

When we featured the construction in December, the overall design was hotly debated by our commenters. But one thing was certain — the apartments would have some pretty impressive views. Curbed visited this week and yes, we can confirm that the views are pretty great. From different vantage points, residents have views of Campus Martius, Capitol Park, or the sea of parking down Michigan Avenue.

Each unit has floor-to-ceiling windows, sealed concrete floors, in-unit washer and dryers, and a modern, open layout. Here’s your view from the inside of the Griswold.