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The QLINE stations are looking good!

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Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Admittedly, we’re a little excited about the QLINE starting up soon this spring. The thought of a bright red streetcar heading down Woodward makes us hopeful for more transit (streetcars, rail, bus rapid transit, anything) for the future of Detroit.

A few months ago, we found out about some of the features of the stations, which will be heated and offer wi-fi. They’ll also have security cameras, screens to alert when the next streetcar is coming, and Pewabic tile in the stations. ROSSETTI, a Detroit-headquartered architecture firm, developed the concept and design for QLINE stations.

While the streetcar itself is making often test runs now (even at night), we noticed recently that some of the stations themselves had the plastic covers off of them. Now we have a clearer look at where we’ll be waiting when the streetcars finally start running. In case you haven’t seen them yet, we took a few pictures. The Pewabic tile is looking nice in the Campus Martius station below and the Grand Circus station above.

People seem to be pretty excited about seeing the QLINE and riding it once it starts rolling this spring. If you take any fun pictures of the streetcar or the stations, share them with us in the comments!