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True North, the Quonset hut community, receives Progressive Architecture recognition

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

One development we’ve been following closely is True North, where large Quonset huts are rising off of Grand River near Warren. Located a few miles outside of the Central Business District, the huts will be available to rent this spring and offer something very different than the average loft or apartment. Recently, the project has been recognized in the Progressive Architecture Awards.

ABOVE THE FOLD, who connected design architect EC3 and developer Prince Concepts alerted Curbed to the honorable mention, and that the development will be on the cover of the February issue of Architect Magazine. In choosing True North, the committee says,

“I appreciate its lightfootedness in thinking about how to rebuild Detroit. By taking some of empty land and filling it rather inexpensively with a community program, it creates a beacon that would be great to visit.” —juror Barbara Bestor, AIA

More information on why it was chosen for the award can be found here. The huts are being marketed as great live/work spaces — a Motor City Match recipient plans on setting up shop in one of the huts. The prefab huts are warmed by radiant heating, and landscaping and community spaces will take shape in the spring. Here’s what we saw on our visit this winter.