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Move-in ready East English Village home asks $143K

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We love finding reasonably priced move-in ready homes around the city, and this one, located in Detroit’s neighborhood of the year doesn’t disappoint. And as the listing says, it’s located a block away from Grosse Pointe (selling point? Convenient shopping, perhaps). This house is over 1,800 square feet and listing for $143,000.

The house has a big front porch, four bedrooms (including a finished third floor), a detached garage, and a basement. The new owner might want to put a ceiling in the basement, unless they like looking up at wires. The kitchen doesn’t have the most counter space, but it’s roomy nonetheless. We do wish there were more pictures of the downstairs living spaces and the detail alluded to in the listing, but the house looks to have decent sized rooms and nice hardwood floors. In all, it’s a good move-in ready house in a good neighborhood at a great price. We’re surprised it’s still on the market. Have a look and tell us what you think.