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Non-profit co-working space to open on east side this spring

The Den will be Detroit’s first non-profit development accelerator

Courtesy of Wolverine Human Services

We’re fond of visiting co-working spaces in Detroit, and a new one promises to be different from the rest. Led by Wolverine Human Services, The Den will be a space for startup non-profits to work and collaborate on Detroit’s east side.

The 2,400-square-foot co-working space will have shared or private work spaces, conference areas, Internet access, a mailing address, support staff during business hours, access to the gym, a commercial kitchen and dining area, a community coffee and kitchen corner, and an optional incubation package, which provides professional mentoring, workshops, and referral services to help launch a non-profit business.

The model is different than other co-working spaces, in that there is either a fee for space or an opportunity to provide services for space. According to the press release, the most basic option for space is $25 a month, or $50/month with access to building and accelerator opportunities. Or, in exchange for a monthly fee, a business could offer services to clients of WHS’ residential and community based programs.

This model will allow WHS to bring new programs and services to its youth clients, as well as to community members, that otherwise would not be available. WHS provides foster care, adoption, and independent living services to youth throughout Michigan.

The new space will be located within WHS’ John S. Vitale Community Center on Lenox Street. This is near the Core Orchards project we featured last fall, which is also led by Wolverine Human Services.

Construction began February 7 and The Den is scheduled to open April 1. More information can be found at their website.