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Report: Is Detroit America’s unhealthiest city?

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Of course it is

Michelle & Chris Gerard

We get a lot of reports in our inbox and this one...this one just stings, Curbed Readers. It’s not surprising at all, but a new study from Wallet Hub ranked the healthiest cities in America and out of 150, Detroit ranked last.

Instead of grabbing the nearest cookies and eating our feelings, let’s take a look at where we can improve and become a healthier, more active city. Nowhere to go but up, right?

Wallet Hub looked at 34 indicators of good health. According to the report, “Our data set ranges from “cost of doctor visit” to “fruit and vegetable consumption” to “fitness clubs per capita.”

Detroit ranked very low in health care, food, and fitness, but not as low in green space (we have a lot of green space!). Health care looked at factors like cost, weight, and mental health services. The food category looked at farmers markets, dietitians & nutritionists per capita, and obesity. The fitness section covered gyms, rec leagues, and residents who are physically active. Green space covered parks, running trails, and bike score.

Detroit ranked near the bottom (148) in percentage of physically active adults. But so many overall low rankings placed us dead last in the top 150 cities. More info on the report can be found here.

It’s been a cold, grey winter (with some sun this week!) and it’s easy to see why and how we’d rank so low in physical activity. But let’s not wallow in this low ranking. Let’s recharge and brainstorm. We’re all about fitness here at Curbed (sometimes). How can we help? Maps? Roundups? More focus on bike culture? Let’s rank higher next year, Detroit.