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University District Tudor makes a big ask at $385K

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Over the past six months, when we’ve seen University District homes list for $100+ per square foot, they’ve recently been renovated or include modern upgrades. This home, featured on last year’s University District Home Tour (“Home of the Year,” according to the listing) is beautiful and has been maintained over the years. It’s listing for $116 per square foot. With 3,300 square feet, it’s aiming high at $385,000.

It’s located near McNichols and the Detroit Golf Club. The house itself is set up for entertaining, with a massive bar in the kitchen/dining room and a hot tub in an all seasons room out back. We lost count of all the TV’s in this house. The listing also claims that all the furnishings are available for sale. The house has four bedrooms (the master includes its own living room), two and a half baths, and a big deck out back. The kitchen is also updated with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.