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Brush Park disaster asks $275K

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Clearly, we’re a little enamored with Brush Park, a neighborhood uniquely positioned to benefit from Detroit’s development boom, and a neighborhood that still has so many beautiful houses. While many of the old Victorians have been torn down, quite a few remain. Some in impeccable condition, some needing all the work they can get. With City Modern, a new Bedrock development adding 400+ new residential units to the neighborhood, smaller developers could benefit by fixing up some of the deteriorating homes.

So here we have a 4,000-square-foot home that needs everything. It could be converted into four or five maybe? Right, likely apartments. It’s near this new development, which will add four new condos to the neighborhood. It’s a few blocks away from the City Modern development and a couple blocks up from Woodward, meaning a QLINE station isn’t too far. It’s located right in the middle of Downtown, the new arena district, Midtown, and Eastern Market. Let us know what you think, readers. Are they asking too much? Or should someone jump on this opportunity?