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Here’s a 1926 Grandmont commercial property, yours for $62,500

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Photos courtesy of Paul Szewczyk

A few days ago, we showed you a very visible, recognizable mixed-use property for sale, located on Grand River in Woodbridge. This property got a lot of attention and had readers dreaming of what kind of business they could set up in that building.

Let’s drive another eight miles down Grand River into the Grandmont neighborhood for this gem. Built in 1926, this commercial property is for sale for $62,500. Detroit historian Paul Szewczyk gave us the heads up on the property, including some history and a few more pictures.

Szewczyk was able to find that the 1929 city directory listed listed three businesses in the building: George T. Black, dentist; Howard R. Johnson, physician; and the drug store of Frank G. Case.

It’s nearly 2,000 square feet and it’s located near many other businesses in the Grandmont-Rosedale neighborhoods. What would you like to see in a handsome old building like this, Curbed readers?