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Incredible Boston Edison fixer upper sells for $194K

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A few months ago, we featured a Boston Edison home that had our minds buzzing with thoughts of restoration. We could tell it was once a grand, elegant home, but time had taken a toll on it. It also had some quite unusual features (a tiled fountain inside? Is that a hot tub?)

Curbed recently heard from the new owner, who just got the keys to his new house. He says that he spent a weekend filling up garbage bins from the clutter inside the house and he plans to move in right away. The owner moved to Detroit a couple years ago and lived in an apartment, but was looking for a house with specific criteria. He didn’t want to be so close to downtown that mobility was an issue when there was a game or event, but close enough to get downtown easily (the Lodge helps with that in Boston Edison). He also wanted to be in a historic neighborhood.

He had been looking for a house since July and was outbid on five different offers. His purchase price — $194k ($195k and got $1000 in concessions) — was more than he wanted to offer for it, but the owner had received other offers in that range, so the price was fair.

He plans to move in right away, and work on repairs, which there are many, as needed. He’d also like to add some amenities as he works on repairs. He also plans on living and staying in the house, unless another great one comes up for sale after he finishes this one.

Here’s another look at this grand house. Is anyone interested in a hot tub?