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New Center condo lists for $80K

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The condo market in Detroit can be a little tricky. There’s just not a lot available right now. Condos and lofts downtown and midtown can run up to $250 per square foot and higher ($400+ at the Book Cadillac), while along the river they’re running about $150-250 per square foot. Where can you find some of the more affordable condos that are still fairly close to downtown? New Center.

This unit is listing for $100 per square foot, or $80,000 total. HOA fees are $325 a month. It’s located on Seward, just off Woodward and a few streets up from the QLINE. This unit has one bedroom, one bath, and a kitchen that opens up into the living space. It also comes with a storage unit, gated parking space, community laundry, and a fitness room. Will we see more condos in this area soon? We hope so. This one’s on the smaller side, but could be a good choice for a single person looking for an affordable investment.