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For $600K, a two-bedroom loft on the Riverfront

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Sometimes we see a price and we have to check a few times to make sure it’s right. But sure enough, a $600,000 asking price isn’t too out of the norm for a loft at 200 River Place. The former Parke Davis pharmaceutical company building designed by Albert Kahn (in the Stroh River Place complex) holds lofts that have sold in the range of $255,000 to $515,000 in the past year. This two bedroom, two and a half bath loft, coming in at 2,244 square feet, is listing for an even $600,000, or $267 per square foot.

This loft has exposed brick walls, 13-foot ceilings, beams...everything you’d want in a loft. Also included is indoor, secure parking. It’s located right on the river, close to Belle Isle, downtown, Chene Park, and the Dequindre Cut. HOA fees are $649 a month. What else is for sale in Detroit in that price range? A couple Indian Village mansions, a couple McMansions in the Morgan Waterfront Estates, and another River Place loft.