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Indian Village mansion with 7 bedrooms asks $499K

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Need a lot of room? Are you possibly looking for some renovation projects? This Indian Village house has both! Coming in at 4,500 square feet, with four bedrooms on the second floor and three on the third, it’s listing for $499,000, or $111 per square foot. Considering a beautiful, finished Indian Village mansion (with carriage house) right down the street recently sold for $117 per square foot, this ask seems a bit on the high side.

The kitchen is a little small at this point, and the listing suggests some ideas for making it bigger. It could be updated anyway, so there’s your chance for a dream kitchen. The bathrooms have some giant vanities, and the second floor bathroom is just lovely. Comes complete with a creepy basement, and the pictures don’t hide that there could be some outdoor issues to take care of, too. The house also has an upper and lower sun room. Could be a grand house again. What would you offer?