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Garden Loft near sports arenas asks $400K

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About a month ago, we posted a unit in the Garden Lofts that was under 1,000 square feet and listing for $299,900. The location is perfect for someone who’s looking to buy and wants the whole downtown living scene. Just a block off Woodward and near the 75 Service Drive, the Garden Lofts building is walking distance to the Little Caesars Arena, Comerica Park, and Ford Field. That loft is now down to $285,000, but a new listing is aiming higher. This one-bedroom, one bath loft is just over 1,000 square feet and listing for $399,999.

This unit has a balcony where to the left you can see the new arena, and to the right you can see the Inn at 97 Winder. Secure underground parking is available, along with a fitness center. Is the market ready to push $400 per square foot in Brush Park? So far, the Book Cadillac is the only one commanding those prices right now, along with a loft in Corktown sold last year. But as the weather warms up, the QLINE starts rolling, and the Red Wings and Pistons relocate a block away, these could start asking even more.