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Duplex? Single family home? Take your pick with this Bagley house

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A duplex within a house within a duplex...inception?

Downtown Realty

Located between 6 and 7 Mile, just a few blocks off of Livernois in the Bagley neighborhood is this really cute 1929 house. It’s updated, move-in ready, and listing for $89,900. It used to be a duplex, and has a kitchen and living room on both levels. Weird! We’re trying to figure this one out. Help us out here.

The renovation is pretty cute, with white cabinets and darker tile in the kitchen. The character of the fireplaces adds a lot to the living space. There’s a cute breakfast nook off of a kitchen. Utilities are still separate, too. Perhaps this would work for a multi-generation family? Outside, there’s a small front yard (with quite a bit of concrete) and a small backyard, with plenty of opportunity for landscaping. It’s located between 6 and 7 Mile, a few blocks from Livernois. This is definitely something you don’t see every day.