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Hudson’s site plans could be released this week

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For real this time

Rock Ventures

One of Detroit’s biggest, transformative development projects could be clearer this week. It seems like we’ve said that a few times, and hopefully this time, we’re moving closer to a ground breaking date.

The Hudson’s site plan is on the agenda for the Detroit Downtown Development board meeting on Wednesday.

The site takes up an entire block along Woodward in downtown Detroit. The old Hudson’s Building was demolished in 1998 and the current site has an underground parking structure.

The rendering that’s been up for a while suggests a very different look for Detroit, and rumors at the end of last year hinted that Gilbert wanted to build 60 stories on the site. In order to be more transformative, he’d need a massive tax break from the state, according to the Detroit News, but the bill stalled at the end of last year.

The site will likely have a lot of retail, office, and residential space. It could be a big game changer for downtown. Let’s play this again - what would you like to see in the plans?