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Learn about restoration, historic preservation this weekend

Sometimes renovation can seem like a lonely endeavor, working away at a house that always seems to need more work. But there are plenty of resources in the city and many who share similar stories. This weekend, there’s an event that brings them all together.

Building Hugger, a window restoration company run by Amy Swift, will be hosting a community mingle this weekend at their Eastern Market shop. On hand will be representatives from Preservation Detroit and the Michigan Historic Preservation Network, who will provide information on a Federal Historic Tax Credit that’s currently under threat. Swift talks more about this tax credit and preservation in Detroit here.

Also on hand will be reps from Brick + Beam Detroit, who offer a wide variety of resources for those renovating their homes in the city. In addition to all this, Swift will also update guests on the hardware shop being built at their storefront and offer a historic window restoration demonstration.

The event is Saturday, February 25 from 11-3 at 3036 Chene Street. The event is free, but guests are encouraged to sign up here.