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Bedrock proposes tallest building in Detroit on old Hudson’s site

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Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock proposed their big plans for what could be the biggest development in Detroit in the coming years. The Downtown Development Authority approved a timeline extension so Bedrock can work on incentives through the Michigan Thrive Initiative. The plan is to start construction December 1, 2017 and open December 1, 2020.

Updated design from SHoP Architects

This will include the tallest building in Michigan.

The tower part of the development will be 52 stories and 734 feet. The entire development will include

  • 1.2 million square feet
  • A nine story “podium” with mixed use, commercial, office, technology, arts and culture space
  • 250 residential units
  • Three stories below grade featuring additional commercial space and 700 parking spaces.

The development plans were designed by New York City-based SHoP Architects in partnership with Detroit-based Hamilton Anderson Associates. Retail, residential, parking and an experiential destination focusing on technology, arts, and culture.

Updated rendering from SHoP Architects

“For long-time Detroiters, we remember what Hudson’s represented. It wasn’t just a department store – it was the economic engine of Detroit. It drew residents and visitors downtown, where they spent a day shopping at Hudson’s and visiting the retail, restaurants and theaters around it,” says Dan Gilbert, founder and chairman of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans and founding partner of Bedrock. “Our goal is to create a development that exceeds the economic and experiential impact even Hudson’s had on the city. We believe this project is so unique that it can help put Detroit back on the national – and even global – map for world-class architecture, talent attraction, technology innovation and job creation.”

More about the site and a place to submit memories of Hudson’s can be found here.

The plan is depending on the Michigan Thrive Initiative, which passed the state senate today.

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