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Fix up this La Salle Gardens home, yours for $125K

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First, let’s get the price out of the way - yes, it’s likely asking too much (aren’t they all?). OK, now let’s talk about the good qualities of this house. It’s a solid, 2,400-square-foot house with a lot of woodwork and original detail. People love to make houses their own, right? There’s plenty of opportunity with this one. It’s listing for $124,900.

But as far as fixer uppers go, this one isn’t that bad. Refinish some floors, add some windows, redo the kitchen, maybe a bathroom, and finish the wide open third floor. Also, there’s some wallpaper to get off the walls. Easy, right? There’s a big fireplace with shelving on each side in the living room, french doors in different rooms in the house, and loads of character still intact. The house also has a big backyard and a garage. It’s located a few blocks up from West Grand Boulevard, right by LaSalle Park.