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Build something sweet with this Woodward storefront

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Home to Sydney Bogg Chocolates for decades, this Woodward storefront is an unusual listing. It’s located near Seven Mile, across from Palmer Park and near Dutch Girl Donuts. But this listing isn’t just offering an old storefront - it’s a bundle that includes the retail space, two apartments above, two lots, one vacant house, and some vacant lots. That’s quite a bit of land. Maybe the upcoming State Fairgrounds project will increase the value of that land in the coming years? Possibly. This bundle is going for $245,000.

The building itself is stabilized, with 4,500 square feet of space. Like many of the old storefronts and commercial space, this will need some work. But there’s character, for sure. Literally.

And there’s some fun wallpaper hanging around.

Sometimes, actually often times, we’ll come across creepy pictures in listings, especially in places that have been vacant for a while. This one doesn’t disappoint. Dark hallways, secret rooms, and an actual character. We’re told it’s a mermaid? We weren’t ready for it.

Storage? What’s hiding there?
We’re not going back there
Hi. Do you have secrets?