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Microsoft Technology Center to move to One Campus Martius in early 2018

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“Momentum breeds momentum”

Michelle & Chris Gerard

After weeks of rumors, Microsoft and Bedrock announced that the Microsoft Technology Center, currently located in Southfield, will be moving to One Campus Martius (the Compuware Building) in early 2018.


It’s not known how many employees will make the move, but they’ll take up more than 40,000 square feet of the building. Dan Gilbert stated that he’s not sure where his employees will be moving.

For the past few months, Gilbert has been talking about the need for more residential and office space downtown, saying that his employees are at capacity for what’s available. In reference to available office space, he said today that if they can’t find it, they’ll build it.

Jim Ketai, CEO of Bedrock, discussed coming to downtown Detroit nearly seven years ago, and having the vision of creating a tech hub downtown.

The overwhelming sentiment at the press conference was that there are many more companies talking about coming downtown. “Momentum breeds momentum,” Gilbert said, “Those who aren’t here yet better get in where the action is.”

Bedrock is currently renovating many buildings downtown for mixed-use office, retail, and residential. The largest projects include the Book Tower, David Stott Building, and the old Free Press Building.

They’ve also discussed going vertical and building up lately. We’re waiting patiently for plans for the Hudson’s site and there are preliminary plans for building offices on the Monroe block near Campus Martius. Dan Gilbert has also discussed building next to the Ren Center along the Riverfront.

Here’s an idea of some of their bigger projects and properties downtown.


The Michigan Microsoft Technology Center is one of 40 centers worldwide that provides resources for clients to explore products and see how Microsoft can help their business.