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These Eastern Market lofts will run you $2k+ a month

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Photos by James Tumey

Once in a while, one of the E&B Brewery Lofts will come up for rent. Today, we have two that are available. It was one of the first loft conversions in Detroit, and they have pretty great views over the market and across the city. But they come at a price. These two have undergone recent remodeling, and the fairly roomy lofts are listing for over $2,000 a month.

Location-wise, they’re right over the Red Bull House of Art, right off the market itself, and close to businesses like Detroit City Distillery, Supino’s, Russell St. Deli, and many more. And of course, the murals are everywhere around.

First, we have a two bedroom, one bath rental that comes in at 1,410 square feet. It has an updated kitchen, a washer and dryer, polished terrazzo flooring, exposed brick walls, and east and north facing views. It’s listing at $2,115 a month. Gas, electric, water, and parking is extra.

The second one, #506, is 1,700 square feet, also with two bedrooms and one bathroom. It has the same amenities, but faces north and west (downtown). It’s listing for $2,275 a month.

Both are listed through James Tumey at the Loft Warehouse.