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La Salle Gardens renovation aims high, asks $209K

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Photos by Andy Schwartz - Stylish Detroit Real Estate Photography

Often, when we see a flip or renovation, we wonder about the prices. It’s a tricky market out there. This house in La Salle Gardens is a great house — nice curb appeal, original details, modern upgrades — and the neighborhood is full of beautiful old houses. Is $209,000 a fair asking price in this neighborhood right now?

Take this similar house in Boston Edison. It was over 2,400 square feet, move-in ready, and a charming house. It’s located quite a few blocks north of this La Salle house, but in Boston Edison. It listed for $179,900 and quickly sold for $189,900. Should it have asked for more?

This house new for sale in La Salle Gardens is over 2,700 square feet, with five bedrooms and two and a half baths. It has a big front porch, large backyard, hardwood floors, and a new kitchen. It also has room for storage in the basement and a finished third floor. It’s located a few blocks away from the Motown Museum and the Henry Ford Hospital. It’s listing for $209,000.