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Sold home updates from Indian Village, University District, and more

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February is already seeing some big sales on the home front in Detroit (with the possibility of some very big ones on the way). How did your favorite home fare on the market?

This Indian Village mansion is a knockout, with a modern kitchen and old school details in the rest of the living space. The house had gorgeous wood paneling, spacious rooms, and a finished carriage house in the back. A commenter noted that they didn’t think recent sales could support the $750,000 asking price for the 6,000-square-foot house. Point taken. The house listed in July and sat on the market for a while. It just closed at $700,000. Also to note: the house next door is also still for sale, but since we’ve first posted, it’s gone up in price from $595,000 to $617,000.

This University District renovation was one we featured back when it needed a serious renovation. The before and after was pretty impressive, as it managed to keep a lot of the charming details while upgrading for modern living. After renovation, it listed for $319,000 and just sold for $310,000.

Someone snagged a deal in the North End. This six unit apartment building listed for $499K in the summer, and seemed like a pretty good deal. The apartments looked to be in good shape, and the North End is an area we think will see a lot more activity as the rail line settles in. The building just sold for $485,000.

We featured this Islandview house in a showdown between fixer uppers. It won. The previous owner had started renovations, but there was still a lot of work to do (clearly). It listed for $74,900 and just sold for $64,900. (The house it was up against is still pending).