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This Hubbard Farms charmer has a mural on the ceiling

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Sometimes we come across some incredible houses in Southwest Detroit. This house that just listed has amazing original details. With some new paint, a new kitchen, and the carpet ripped out, this house would be a knockout. It’s asking price is $199,900, which, considering the work that could/should be done, is aiming a bit high.

One unique feature the new owner may or may not choose to keep is this interesting mural on the ceiling of the living room.

But as you can get a hint of from the picture, there’s some really great woodwork here.

It has four bedrooms, an attic/third floor that could be finished, an interesting addition to the back of the house, and a lot of stained glass windows. We can definitely see the potential in this one. The price seems high, and southwest is definitely one area where the prices are all over the place right now. What do you think?