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Retro Boston-Edison brick house snags $300K at sale

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A couple months ago, we saw this interesting listing in Boston-Edison. The house had so many unique elements to it ... attractive details like leaded glass, built-ins, tiling in the bathrooms. But it also had so many unusual design elements, like mirrors covering a bathroom, marble floors, and a wood paneled bar/rec room. There’s a lot going on in this house. We can imagine some parties happening in that great room in the basement.

It’s located at W. Boston Boulevard and 14th. We’ve certainly seen a lot of listings on the west side of the Lodge in Boston-Edison listed in the past six months, and we’re currently seeing plenty along La Salle and Atkinson. The five bedroom, 4,192-square-foot house listed for $325,000 at the beginning of the year and just sold for $300,000. We’re also told by a tipster that another house on the same block, 2016 W. Boston Boulevard, which listed as needing “a little TLC” (we know what that means) just sold for $162,000 after listing for $175,000. If you see any great sales in your neighborhood, let us know on the tip line. Until then, here’s one more look at this $300K Boston-Edison home.