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Grand Islandview home asks $250K

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Things are officially getting crazy over in Islandview. We’ve seen quite a few listings lately, and they’ve all seemed priced on the high side. We saw this total rehab list for $60K (now pending). Last month, a cute Arts & Crafts home on a busy street corner listed for $125K (now pending). These are great looking houses that need varying degrees of work. Some development is coming that way, especially along Kercheval. Still, there are a lot of houses that need a lot of work.

So here’s a new listing that’s going all out. While a lot of the big homes on Grand Boulevard are used for group homes and senior housing, this is a rare, large single-family home. It’s nearly 3,000 square feet, with five bedrooms, two baths, and some original woodwork. It looks like you could dump a considerable amount of money into it. It’s located on East Grand Boulevard, just north of Kercheval. The $250,000 asking price is about $84 per square foot.