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Renovated New Center home asks $415K

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If listing prices these past couple months are any indication, this spring and summer could be pretty wild for the housing market in Detroit. We recently saw a house just down the street from this one sell for $395,500 after listing for $450,000. This house is on the corner of Virginia Park and the Lodge Service Drive (yes, it’s right next to the Lodge). The 4,000-square-foot house is listing for $415,000.

You may remember this house, as it sold in February of last year for $295,000. Has a year made that much of a difference? Downstairs in this house, you’ll find the kitchen, dining room, living room, parlor, a half bath, and a sun room. Three more bedrooms are on the second floor, including a large suite that has its own sun room, bathroom, and balcony. The third floor also has its own suite. The house was rehabbed in 2014 and it’s located on Virginia Park east of the lodge. The three blocks between the Lodge and Woodward have big mansions (either single-family or rentals) and a few houses that still need rehab. It’s just a few streets up from the Fisher Building. The pictures in the last listing give a better impression of the space.