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Brush Park Victorian, recently slated for demo, lists for $315K

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Perhaps for preservationists in Detroit, we should say, “If you save it, they will come.” We hate seeing older, historical homes and buildings demoed. This newly listed Second Empire Victorian in Brush Park could have seen this fate a couple years ago. The Brush Park Preservation Society documented the building here, which had been vacant for decades. Brush Park residents fought to save the home. Since then, redevelopment plans have been considered, and now that City Modern has broken ground (right across the street), the timeline for development has accelerated. We’ve seen other crumbling homes listed recently, along with some land. This property, the Henry Glover home built in the 1870’s, is now listing for $315,000.

We hear that higher density redevelopment plans (condos, apartments) are favored for this property. The back part that’s crumbling was a later addition (1920s?) that wasn’t made with the same materials. Our friends in Brush Park sent us these photos of the home during (slightly) better times.

It’s right down the street from this beauty, and across the street from the City Modern development. What would you do with this property?