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The Grosfield Building on Michigan Avenue is falling apart

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Photo by Mark Hall

Driving down Michigan Avenue west of 96, you can’t help but notice the handsome Grosfield Building on the corner of Michigan and 23rd. A striking turret stands like a beacon on the corner and the potential for this building is evident. Lofts? Retail? Yes, we’d like to see that.

Dating back to the late 1800s, the building was home to Grosfield Hardware and different retail for many years.

Burton Historical Collection

Curbed tipsters had talked to the owner last fall, who said he had people in NY interested in buying. Nothing has happened since. Our friend Mark Hall went by the building last week after the wind storm and noticed substantial damage to the back. A neighbor then said the damage wasn’t from the wind storm and that the back part had caved in a few days before.

Photo by Mark Hall
Photo by Mark Hall
Photo by Mark Hall

We’ve seen neglected buildings lost recently. The Grosfield Building is located right across from this incredible bank building/loft conversion. We’d love to see some retail, residential, and more activity in this part of Michigan Ave. Might someone be interested in saving this building?