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Sold homes update: Lafayette Park, Eastern Market, West Village, and more

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We’ve seen some crazy listing prices these past few months. Is the market ready for them? Which houses have sold quickly, while others lingered on the market for a while? Here are a few sold home updates from around the city. Is there a house you’re keeping an eye on? Let us know!

The first is this multi-family property in West Village. Single-family homes tend to sell quickly over here, while some multi-family homes tend to sit. Not this one. This two-unit property located in the heart of West Village, in between the shops on Kercheval and Agnes Street, listed in early February for $149,000 and quickly sold for its asking price.

We love to see listings in the Leland Lofts, a converted school and historic building on Antietam. We weren’t all that crazy about the hazy photos with this loft listing, but we do appreciate the unique character of these lofts. This one bedroom loft listed for $280,000 in early January and just sold for $275,000 ($232 per square foot).

Speaking of lofts, some of the pricier listings are at River Place. These large, beautiful lofts right along the riverfront command a pretty big price tag. This corner unit listed in November for $579,000. With high ceilings, big windows, brick walls, wood beams, and a great location, this one just sold for $533,000 ($264 per square foot).

Another recently sold loft is one in the FD Lofts in Eastern Market. This one had sold for $238,740 in 2015 and listed this January for $350,000. This large one bedroom, two bath loft just sold for $325,000 ($224 per square foot).

We’ve been keeping an eye on the areas surrounding and near Boston Edison, and this move-in ready house on La Salle caught our eye. We’ve chatted with the new owner, who admits he might have overpaid (maybe not), but he’s super happy to be in his new house. It listed in November for $225,000 and just sold for $190,000.