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La Salle Gardens home needs work, asks $80K

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We’ve seen a lot of great homes over in the La Salle Gardens area lately, including this house that also needed work and was listing for $124,900. Our readers liked the look of it, and it just sold for $107,500.

This new listing nearby on North La Salle Gardens. It also has a lot of great original details and it’s listing for $80,000.

The 2,014-square-foot, five bedroom house has two and a half baths (we spot a nice clawfoot tub), arched windows, floors that look to be in pretty good condition (but could use some refinishing), a fireplace, french doors, a nice staircase, and a creepy looking basement. All in all, it could be a good investment and a great house for the right family. It’s located near the park, and it’s a few streets up from West Grand Boulevard. It also has a backyard with small garage, and we love a good front porch.