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Brush Park condo in historic mansion seeks $420K

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Photos by James Tumey

Last summer, we saw an absolutely beautiful condo in this 135-year-old Brush Park mansion list for $460,000, which some of our commenters thought was absurd. Y’all, real estate in Brush Park is absurd right now. The condo quickly sold for $471,500.

This new listing is a little bit smaller and not quite as striking as last year’s. It does have high ceilings, exposed brick, refinished hardwood floors, and views. The 1,290-square-foot two bedroom, two bath condo is listing for $420,000. The most unique feature to this space is the bonus room in the central turret.

You’ll appreciate that fan in the summer.

Built in 1882 by William Scott & Company for William A. Butler, this house was recently renovated into four condos. The kitchen and living room have an open floor plan, and the condo has an in-unit washer and dryer. The master bedroom has a balcony off the back. There’s also a one-car garage and community patio. What can you see from this condo? You have some pretty great skyline views and soon, you’ll have a front row seat to the construction of City Modern. It’s listed through Jan Dijkers at the Loft Warehouse.