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Updated: ‘This Old House’ Detroit offers behind-the-scenes preview

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Photo by Kevin O’Connor

Update: We’ve added links to the behind-the-scenes preview episodes below.

We’ve been pretty excited since we’ve heard This Old House will be featuring a Detroit home. Even more so when we heard a second house was included (it’s currently for sale). We’re very close to the premiere (March 30) and now we know we’re getting a sneak preview leading up to the first episode.

This Old House premiered its first digital series, ‘Detroit. One House at a Time’ on Friday, March 3 to give fans and viewers a closer look at the stories behind the Russell Woods renovation and the transformation of the abandoned property from an empty house to a home again. This Old House goes behind the scenes to talk with members of the team, homeowners, and local residents who contributed to the project about the people, communities, housing stock, and architecture that make the city unique.

The first short episode introducing the audience to the homeowners can be seen here, with a preview video here. The second video, which discusses why the homeowners chose their house, is now up here. The third video goes into the renovation process, and the homeowners intentions when they bought the house.

The four-part series is on and

The main house the team works on in the Detroit episodes is located in Russell Woods. Built in 1939, the home features stained glass and leaded windows, ornamental plasterwork, and Tudor-style tiled archways. Abandoned for several years, the property had extensive water damage from a leaking roof, and the heating system and other items had been stolen. Homeowners Frank and Tamiko Polk purchased the property through the Land Bank.

Renovations include artisan restoration of the windows and plasterwork, roof repair, reconstruction of front and back porches, and kitchen and bath remodels.

The series will also follow a Rehabbed & Ready renovation in the Crary-St. Mary’s neighborhood just outside Grandmont Rosedale.

In addition to following the Russell Woods and Rehabbed & Ready renovations, the team also visits local Detroit landmarks such as Motown Records and the Ford Estate in Dearborn. They also visit some urban farms to check out that scene and how it adds to community sustainability.