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North Corktown property attempts another poetic listing, $30K price jump

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Those pheasants, tho

Last summer, we were taken by this unusual, slightly poetic listing for an obscenely overpriced house. Given, the house is being sold with a lot of land, and this is a major key to the listing. Basically, the house is under 900 square feet and it’s coming with five lots. It listed last summer for $240,000 and now it’s back on the market for $270,000.

The land was a big draw in that first listing. Let’s reminisce, shall we?

"Where else will you find a home where you can sit on your back patio with friends and enjoy the stunning natural surroundings in the evening while listening to the calls of the pheasants before taking the 10 minute walk to your favorite dinner spot on Michigan Avenue?"

We’ll vouch for the pheasants. We saw a few wandering around Woodbridge last week.

This time around, the description isn’t as poetic, but has more of a homesteading quality about it.

“This part of town is known for it's vibrance and new development. The home, updated and welcoming sits on 5 well maintained plots of land. Imagine sitting on the extended back patio enjoying a country escape right in the heart of the city! The land has much potential to be used as yard space, gardening, a park, and even better and huge investment.”

Not quite sure if we’re sold yet. Any suggestions for when it lists next time?