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Gorgeous Boston-Edison renovation sells for $340K

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We’ve been keeping an eye on and around Boston-Edison, as we’ve seen a number of listings and sales in the area in the past six months. West of the Lodge, there are still many houses that need to be restored, and neighbors are eager for these homes to find the right now owners. We featured this house in July when it listed for $369,900, then again in January when it dropped its price. The price drop worked. It just sold for $340,000, which is the largest sale on that side of the Lodge in Boston-Edison in years.

There have been a few sales at or over $300,000 lately, including this house with a variety of retro styles (sold for $300,000), this beautiful renovation (sold for $299,900), and this incredible restoration (sold last January for $310,000).

This recently sold house has nearly 3,000 square feet, with five bedrooms, four and a half baths, and moderns finishes. It’s a beautiful renovation.