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MKT the market sets up shop in Corktown

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A new retail space has opened in Corktown, next to McShane’s along Michigan Avenue. MKT the market has handmade goods from newer designers, offering a unique aesthetic to the mix of new and old shops in the historic neighborhood.

Curbed chatted with Charly Norton, who owns the shop with her brother Nick and their mom Julie. Norton says as Irish Americans and Detroit natives, Corktown felt like a natural fit for their store. In terms of the business, he says, “Our family's modern and personal approach to retail is one that prizes customer service, high-quality craftsmanship, versatility, social consciousness, and a sense of humor. MKT's curated collection of goods will include a rotating selection of home accessories, barware, one-of-a-kind art, fresh flowers, books, apparel, and apothecary. Each item is carefully chosen as a means to showcase small-run handcrafted goods and feature emerging and local designers. We aim to bring a little uptown funk to a downtown space.”

Norton says that in addition to their merchandise, they’ll host performances and exhibitions of local Detroit creators, as well as other artists, musicians, and authors. For more info on the store or to inquire about the space, stop in or check out their website.