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Lower Woodward buildings demoed for Shinola Hotel

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

We knew this day was coming. Last October, the Historic District Commission (after a long debate) agreed that Bedrock could demo three older buildings on Woodward, which will be rebuilt as a part of the Shinola Hotel. Construction in the main building at 1400 Woodward started earlier this year. The tall, slender building in the middle, the Singer Building, will be kept as part of the hotel.

Our photographers Michelle and Chris Gerard happened to be out on Woodward today as demo was started. This is something you don’t see every day (hopefully).

The properties will be rebuilt as part of the hotel, which will cover 16,000 square feet, including eight floors in the main hotel. There should be some exceptional food and beverage offerings along Woodward.

Yes, we’ll see a Shinola clock up there soon enough

Behind the properties, on the other side of the block, will be an activated alleyway and the adjacent lots on Farmer will see new construction. The alley will make a connection from Shinola to the nearby Metropolitan and Wurlitzer hotel projects, which should also be ready in 2018.

Here’s what the development should look like when it opens in 2018.

Shinola Hotel

1400 Woodward

1400 Woodward Avenue, , MI 48226